Finishing the catch ups…

To finish up my catch up posts I have the last quilt I made to take to Australia. The finish was so last minute (binding the day before we flew out!!!)  I did not get a chance to post about this quilt before I left…

granny square quiltThis granny square quilt has been a pile of blocks for nearly two years but finally became a quilt for my darling friend Vicki.    The day before we left I managed to get it bound and washed ready for the quilt suitcase…

granny square quilt detailThere is something wonderfully vintage feeling about this quilt.  I think the post wash crinkle helps…

quilt detailThere are not a lot of photos of this top because (1) I did not finish it in time to do a proper photo shoot and (2) the wind was blowing a gale making photos hard…

wind issuesI did manage to get the husband to help and it is his fingers and feet you can see sticking out from under this quilt.  He did remind me to take a photo of the back of the quilt too… probably because the back was his idea…

quilt backThe conversation went Nick: “it would be cool to do just one big block for the back” Me: “why not”.  And now I will now tell you why not…. the big block was all bias and stretch and a right royal pain the butt.  I now listen to my husbands quilting advice, say “thanks dear” and promptly ignore it…it is easier that way!

rainbow bindingThe quilt was finished off with some Kona solid scrappy binding and delivered to its owner a couple of weeks ago… on a 95 degree day which was a little weird seeing it had been finished off a week earlier on a 38 degree day!

Continuing the catch up with curves

I am still playing catch up… and today’s work in progress is another project that was on my design wall before we headed to Australia… to give you a hint it all started with this…

curve quilt top

Yep I have been making more curved blocks!  It is not my fault really…you see after cutting out this quilt (you can read about the original crazy here..) I realised I had a whole collection of pink/purple quarter circles… what is a girl to do but make more blocks out of the scraps.

So I made some Drunkard paths like this…

block component

Which became blocks like this…

bw circle block

So my design wall was looking like this…

circle wip

I played a little with proportions on this block, making the black and white background blocks larger than the background blocks of the previous quilt.  I think the solid circles hold their own well against the scrappy.

I also discovered that the smaller the circles get the harder the curved sewing becomes. This curved block is 11 inches finished, with the full circle being 8 inches in diameter.

Now of course I have a pile of black and white quarter circles, which are going to  become there own quilt… yes it is a rabbit hole of curves but I already have a cunning plan for the latest scraps… I just need the time to implement it!

As it is Wednesday I am linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced

Catch Up #2 – a quilty finish

Continuing my catch up mode, today I want to share a quilt that I made for last Quiltmarket…yes I am that behind in my blogging!

Maywood Studio’s approached me to make a quilt top for them for their new range of fabric, Catalina.  They had a pattern that they wanted to use, but did need someone who paper pieced.

Maywood_Fabshop_and_AQR_Dec_2014 copyYep I made that….using Sam Hunter’s fabulous “Bloomin” pattern.

flower detailThis top was the first time I had worked with a fabric company to make a project just using one line.  I was initially worried that I would not be able to get enough variety in the flowers to make them feel scrappy but as I started cutting I soon realised that it would not be an issue.

finished bloomin quilt topThe Catalina line has some great border prints and large colourful florals and I found cutting them up into smaller strips, I had a lot of variety.  I was thrilled with how it all turned out.  The quilt was finished off with some amazing quilting by Nancy Stovall of Just Quilting.

back of flowersOh and did you notice how tidy my work is.  I was so crazy obsessed with making sure this top had NONE of my usual stray cottons and messy edges.  In the end I was more impressed with my ability to be neat than anything else with this project!

Catch Up #1… Teaching paper piecing

The first lot of news I wanted to share was that just before I left for Australia my fabulous local quilt store – Modern Domestic – asked me to teach introductory classes on paper piecing.   My immediate response was YES… of course…I want to corrupt/bring to the darkside as many quilters as I can.

class description

I love paper piecing and love the amazing results you can get from the process.  It initially surprised me that so many people had not tried this technique (I wrongly thought that everyone started with paper piecing and went from there!).

So for this class I designed a 16 inch star block, which can easily be turned into a pillow.

MD pillowsIt really is a pretty easy pattern but very effective.  This sample uses some of my Liberty bits and pieces, a splash of Kona cotton and Essex linen for the background.  I loved how this sample turned out… but I did not stop there. I also made…

MD pearl bracele star pillowA Pearl Bracelet version…of course.

If you are interested in the class you can find all the details on Modern Domestic’s website…JUST CLICK HERE.  My first class is next week, and we plan to offer this class throughout next year.

Paper Piecing Monday…the jet lagged edition

After three weeks of sunshine, family and fun I am back to the cold wet reality of Portland… with jet-lag and suitecase full of Aussie sweets!  It is the said “jet lag” that I am blaming for the lateness of Paper Piecing Monday…

For those of you who have not experienced the joy that is jet-lag, and in particular East Coast Australia to West Coast America jet lag it boils down to this…I want to be asleep when it is daytime and I am WIDE AWAKE at 2 am.  Augh!

Enough whingeing and complaining and onto fun stuff…. this weeks block…

simple star finished block

In my jet-lagged haze I named this one Simple Star, do not ask me why!  The block is a 32 piece baby, and not really simple, but quite effective.

Block piecesYou can find the free paper piecing pattern for this 8 inch block here…simple star.  Have fun with it.

Now that I am back home I promise that my posting will involve more than just green stars (not that there is anything wrong with green stars).  A couple of months ago my laptop died and I have had to post from my husbands desktop…and for some strange reason I find writing posts in the office, surrounded by masses of Lord of the Rings Lego and Dungeons & Dragons books off-putting and un-inspiring.

But I promise to work through my discomfort and catch you up on some of the exciting things that have happened in my quilting universe in the last couple of months.

Are you bored with 8 inch green stars yet?

I hope not, as I have another one this week….

Crest star

This 8 inch star is based on a couple of patterns I have found online and in books. This 8 inch version is done for my ongoing green star quilt and you can find the PDF pattern here….Crest Star Pattern.

I am on vacation/holiday at the moment so I am keeping it short and sweet.