Fully embracing Mini Quilts

If you are not on Instagram you probably are not aware of the flurry of mini quilt swaps that have been happening over the last year or so.   Hundreds and hundreds of mini quilts have been made a swapped all over the world and people’s homes now have walls adorned in beautiful little quilts.  After resisting for nearly a year, in February I finally signed up for my first mini quilt swap – the Cotton and Steel mini quilt swap.

I shared my first quilt for this swap a couple of months ago, including the paper piecing pattern I used for this quilt on my original post…….

Economy block mini quilt copyI liked it but I was not exactly what I wanted.  So I went back to the drawing board and came up with this beauty…

cotton and steel sampler mini quilt copyI loved making this 15 inch square sampler and shrinking all these quilt blocks down to 3 inches was fun.  Nearly all these blocks were paper pieced as I find it is the easiest way for me to get accuracy at this small size.

cotton and steel sampler close upI really loved putting this quilt together…and even found some prints I could fussy cut at this small size!

So with my Cotton and Steel mini done I felt the need to sign up for another mini swap… this time the Lizzy House mini quilt swap.  Now Lizzy House is my favorite designer… I love her prints. As so many of my quilts end up going to kids charities Lizzy Houses fun, modern novelty prints were an instant hit with me.

So what do you do when you have a huge collection of fabulous Lizzy House prints… you make hexagons of course…

lizzy house hexagon mini wipSo this is my Lizzy House mini work in progress.  The day I signed up for the swap I started making hexagons and once I had them all I had a blast arranging and re-arranging them until I had a layout I was happy with.

Lizzy House hexagon close upThis quilt has been so much fun to make…though a little tough on my hands as there has been a lot of hand sewing…

lizzy house hexagon cu I started making this mini before I had my partner details (yes I was that excited!).  After you sign up you get assigned a partner, you get sent a list of likes and dislikes and you can stalk them on Instagram so you can make something appropriate for them.  So as much as I love these hexagons, I was not sure it was totally up my partners alley… so I made another mini…

lizzy house NY beauty mini quilt..which is much more her style. This quilt is uses four different New York beauty patterns… and I love the unity of the similar shapes of the New York Beauty block combined with the disconnect of the different patterns pieces.

lizzy house NY beauty mini quilt detailI am sure my partner will love which ever mini I end up sending.  I have a couple more weeks before the quilts have to be sent and there is a chance I will change my mind again and make something else.  This is the joy of mini quilts…they are so quick and easy to make.

So I can now say I am a mini quilt addict, though I have controlled myself this month and not signed up for any more swaps…yet.

Paper piecing star overload

So here is my fourteenth green star block…  and I can not believe that there are so many already…

lonely star quilt blockAs promised it is more complex than last weeks with  32 pieces but still less than some of my bigger star blocks!

quilt block piecesThe free PDF for this star can be found here…Lonely Star Pattern.  If I was to make this star again I think I would alternate the light and dark greens more, as you would in a traditional Lone Star quilt.

Oh and as promised here is a shot of most of the stars so far (12 out of the 14)…

a collection of starsI am still not sure what I am going to do with them all but a plan is brewing…. I was really inspired by the QuiltCon quilts I have seen on Instagram…so there will be negative space and an off grid layout I think!

More green stars…

As promised I am back with some more green stars.  I have twelve finished blocks up on my design wall and this block is lucky number 13….

8 inch star quilt blockI called this star Nick’s star, after my husband…what can I say I am struggling to find names for some of my patterns!    This 8 inch block has 24 pieces and I must warn you is easier than next weeks pattern, which is more complex, but really fun.

Nick star pattern piecesYou can find the free PDF pattern here…Nick’s Star pattern.  I have loved seeing people’s versions of my patterns on Instagram, so go forth and create pretty things!

A heartfelt Paper Piecing Monday

This week I decided to get into the Valentine spirit, despite my husband poo pooing the holiday at every turn.  He strongly feels that it is a holiday that is purely about selling cards and flowers and chocolates.  He feels just a little less negatively about Christmas and I ignore him then too!

So in honor the of the upcoming day of celebration…and to annoy my husband, I  put together a little 3 inch love heart block…

heart blockThe pattern for these darling little things can be found here….3 inch pp hearts.  The pattern sheet has six of the heart patterns on it.   After making my first heart I decided that one little heart was not enough for (1) annoying my husband and (2) making this a substantial Paper Piecing Monday, so I pulled some more fabric from my stash (the first block was done purely with scraps)….

fabric pilesand got to work making this….

heart quilt blockHopefully by the end of the week this will be a darling 18 inch cushion…which I may be allowed to put on our couch…

Resuming the regular Paper Piecing Monday schedule…

After a crazy few months Paper Piecing Monday is back on track. To help myself slowly get back on track I made a green version of one of my Starry Night blocks.

Starrry Night block 1

A twenty-four piece cute little thing.  The free paper piecing pattern can be found here… Starry Night WQ block 2 and if you want to see my original version you can find it here.block pieces


This block uses four triangle pieces to make the completed 8 inch block. Last time I posted this pattern I had a couple of questions about how I put the block together… It is an easy process of sewing two of the triangle together along one side so you get a joined piece…

putting it togetherI then do the same thing with the other two pieces of the blocks…and then sew the two halves together.  I find this makes aligning the center piece very easy.

Paper piecing Monday will be back next week with some newly designed blocks….